From its inception, the United States was an exceptional concept in which individuals were free to act upon opportunities, reap the rewards of their work and be judged on their merits. Through the 20th century, America was the only country in the developed world where Socialism failed to take root because we all have these rights, which offer much more than socialism. Our free enterprise system has done more than any other system to lift masses of people out of poverty and make them self-reliant. In America more liberty and more prosperity are more widely shared than among any other people in human history. By world standards, even in the poor in America are rich. Judging by what they say and the policies they pursue, liberal Democrats are not concerned about liberty. What they assign a higher value to, is power to the party by promising to re-distribute the wealth. We have a split, with the Republicans constituting the party of liberty and limits of government to control the individual, and the Democrats more and more becoming the party of central planning and redistribution as the welfarites, Socialists, Communists and labor unions have hi-jacked it. Shortly before the 2008 election, Barack Obama declared that his election would usher in “a fundamental transformation of America.” The desirability of such a transformation – which is wiping away American exceptionalism – will turn this country into a facsimile of the social-democratic regimes of western Europe. That is the issue at the heart of our politics in this election. In the long run, I hope and trust Americans will reject such a transformation, and elect instead to return to the principles that have made this nation so exceptional – a force for good both at home and abroad.

JaNice Taylor