Agrees with DeVine’s opinions

With less than a week to go to Election Day, Wednesday’s guest columnists provided a perfect example of the contrast between our choices for president.

Anthony DiStefano, a retired government employee, predictably repeated Democrat talking points and what he learned from watching Chris Matthews. He reiterated random ravings of a loyal liberal with scary ideas of tea parties, budget cutting axes, successful businessmen, wars on women, wealthy people, cuts in Medicare, etc. DiStefano’s letter was a scattergun of disjointed accolades for Obama and dispersions on Mitt Romney. DiStefano believes we must vote for President Obama to allow him to continue his great unfinished work.

Meanwhile, the other guest columnist, Jack DeVine, a retired business executive, provided a thoughtful logical analysis of our other choice, Romney. DeVine provided four excellent reasons why Romney deserves our vote, including his stellar executive record, his proven ability to work across party lines, his remarkable character as a caring and contributing human being and his demonstrated love of God and country.

While I have met neither DiStefano nor DeVine, I suggest that these gentlemen might possess – in life experiences and philosophies – a similar contrast to that between our presidential choices.

1. Bigger, more costly, less fiscally responsible and more controlling national government continuing to escalate progressivism, debt, and class warfare. Rhetoric, rather than experience or demonstrated success in bipartisan leadership.

2. More conservative responsible government driven by logic, arithmetic and common sense, and a genuine love and respect for our founding principles. Walking the talk of bipartisan leadership discipline, with an impressive resume demonstrating just that.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll proudly pull the lever for the choice espoused by DeVine to get this great nation back on a track we can all be proud of.

Richard Eichler