Does anyone know where the word hornswoggled comes from? I’m not even sure what it means. A friend of mine accused me of hornswoggling him. I have heard that the term originated in Tennessee along with bamboozled, but I am not sure. Perhaps it’s associated with wranglers and cowboy days.

ID theft

I’m sure others are having the same problem. Could the Aiken Standard please print out a step by step process to get signed up to protect ourselves? This whole mess should be handled through a state organization and not thrown over the wall for each individual to work it out with Experian. The state is responsible for this screw up, and it should take a more active roll on protecting the individual.

South Carolina taxpayers paid millions in legal fees over a voter ID bill to fight the dozens who have, allegedly, voted fraudulently in the last decades. In the meantime, the state of South Carolina was allowing all personal ID information of 3.6 million taxpayers to be hacked and has provided virtually no response to those who try to call the numbers supposedly set up to help those 3.6 million citizens.

Stop sign

Could somebody please explain to me why a lot of the red lights north/south you have 10-15 cars go through but if you’re going east/west you’ve got time for one or two cars to go through. This doesn’t make sense to me. People need to learn there is a stop sign on the Southside where the little CVS shopping center is.

Thanks a bunch

This is to Victoria and Denise at the automotive counter at the Whiskey Road Walmart. Thank you for your help in locating the proper battery for my vehicle.


If the parents of those children requiring weekend food packages are truly not providing them with sufficient food, they are guilty of severe neglect and those children should be taken away from them.


Why iPads for teachers? Apple generates $200 billion annual revenue selling gadgets. They donate free iPads to the schools for the teachers who will show off the iPad to the students who will then buy their own. Instead of learning fundamentals, they will all grow up playing games and later buy products advertised on iPads. Now you know why we rank 33rd reading 26 characters while the Japanese, reading 50,000 characters, rank 13th.