Cats of all colors took over The Alley in downtown Aiken on Saturday for the unveiling of Gaston Livery Stable Barn Cats.

Residents of all ages filled The Alley to talk with the artists and take pictures of the 28 cats submitted in the fundraiser.

“It was fun, a good way to meet people,” said Sandy Staiger, who painted two cats, “Catfish'n” and “Alley Cat.” “It's just my therapy; it's great. I just get lost in the paint brush, I enjoy it.”

Staiger's “Alley Cat” featured sites from all over The Alley.

“I thought of the name and decided to incorporate what's in The Alley,” said Staiger, who moved to Aiken from New Hampshire last year. “I was working with the title first I guess, then I went with the design.”

Sheron Padgett was also showing off her cat, “Downtown Alley Cat,” which featured a painting of scenes from all over downtown Aiken.

“I took pictures of the area and tried to use as much of downtown as I could,” Padgett said.

Three-year-old Abigail Bawlick and her mother Debra came out to support friends and check out some of the paintings.

“Our friends go down to the Gaston Barn, so we came out to show our support,” Debra Bawlick said.

The cats will be auctioned off by the Friends of Gaston Livery in March but, until then, can be found at businesses around the area such as Wesley's Autmotive Service, Aiken Veterinary Clinic and Southern Bank and Trust on Laurens Street.

Those interested in purchasing a cat may do so for the buy-it-now price of $5,000. Michael Gunter's “Mr. Gaston” can be purchased before the auction for $10,000.