Why would anyone vote for Barack Obama? He came to the office with no accomplishments and no financial or executive credentials. His performance and the near bankruptcy America now faces clearly show this lack. He is not trustworthy. Grassfire Nation has documented 69 Obama lies and deceptions. The Benghazi debacle shows he is still at it. Obama was tutored by communists, Marxists, and socialists, which explains why he sees the United States as a villain for which he must apologize. There are no fewer than five books documenting Obama’s Socialist/Marxist ideology, his ineptness, his narcissism, his efforts to appease America’s enemies and spurn our friends, his efforts to reduce our superpower status, and his penchant for ignoring the Constitution through executive orders.

The titles of these books tell why we should read them: “Gangster Government.” “Fool Me Twice,” “The Amateur,” “Red Army” and “Manchurian President.” Initially we knew almost nothing about this man. Now we know a lot. His presidency and the research in these books inform us about his ambitions, ideology and future plans for this country. They are frightening.

Romney believes in American exceptionalism and in Constitutional law. Romney has impeccable credentials. A knowledgeable person said, “Romney has never failed at anything.” He has decades of experience saving existing companies and helping entrepreneurs build successful enterprises. He was a successful governor of Massachusetts, working with both parties to take that state from deficit to big surplus. He turned the Salt Lake Olympics around from both corruption and huge deficits. Romney is a proven leader with years of accomplishments in the very things we need now. He is a man of character with years of helping the poor and underemployed become self-reliant. He is the best qualified man for the presidency this country has fielded from either party for years.

Dennis Taylor