There have been many things written about facts. Well the forthcoming biggest fact of all, the result of this election, will accomplish one of two things. This country will either continue in a fast downward spiral, or things will simply slow down for a while. No president can appease all people with the diverse nature of our social makeup. No president can revert moral decline. No president can force people to take responsibility. The list goes on.

We, as humans, will always identify by some means. Whether it be political affiliation, religion, race, color, greed, etc., people will stick with their identifier. This means there will be those that would re-elect the devil himself for the sole purpose of their party. You can’t change one’s mind about their identifier. Nor can you read one’s mind as to the true intentions of those who use their identifier as an excuse. We try; and you can bet the media exploits it to the extreme.

The current president got elected during a time when most of America was asleep at the wheel. Along with the fact he had mastered being a public speaker, smiling, and making eye contact. He capitalized on weak points of those severely struggling with their identifiers. Now, after four years of what we’ve witnessed, only a fool would give him four more years. I counted 38 lies just in one debate.

I too have an identifier accompanied with my opinion. I don’t have any hard feelings with those of previous published opposing opinions.

David Williams