URS Professional Solutions in Aiken is celebrating 15 years of business.

A subsidiary to the URS Global Management and Operations Services Group, also headquartered in Aiken, URSPS was formed as Westinghouse Safety Management Solutions in 1997, a spinoff from Westinghouse that managed and operated the Savannah River Site for the Department of Energy.

Once formed, URSPS became the largest spinoff of a business within DOE’s history. Their goal was to leverage the expertise of nuclear safety experts that would be displaced with the end of reactor operations at the Savannah River Site as a major job-saving initiative.

As a result, URSPS became a DOE Center of Safety Excellence, supporting the nuclear weapons and environmental management complex.

DOE agreed with this evolution but added the caveat that the company had to maintain its commitments at SRS, and it has maintained that relationship and that safety focus for 15 years.

Today, URSPS has more than 500 employees worldwide, with half living in the Central Savannah River Area.

To honor the anniversary, an event was held on Tuesday at the URS Center for the Performing Arts. On hand was David Pethick, Global Management and Operations Services Group general manager; Jimmy Angelos, current president; Pres Rahe, founding president and James Smith, immediate past president.

Savannah River Remediation, the liquid waste contractor at SRS, is a URS-led entity.