Tax hack

I have tried getting on the SCDOR website about the hacked Social Security numbers. I tried putting in the activation code and it didnít work. I called Experian, and their phones are busy. So what are you supposed to do if you want to check on your Social Security number?

South Carolina DOR needs a major security overhaul. The federal government needs to be a greater part of this investigation.

Getting the identity theft protection from the (866) 578-5422 number is difficult to say the least. The lady from Experian is hard to understand. She rattles off numbers and letters very fast without using any of the phonetic alphabet for what she uttered. For such an important subject, this is the most confusing mess I have ever seen, and Iím computer literate.

Donít you just love it when officials say the federal government or the state will pay for something, like itís a person who earns money? For example, Gov. Haley said the state will pay for a year of identity theft protection for affected taxpayers. Guess who ďthe stateĒ is, all the taxpayers of the state of South Carolina.

How can somebody hack into the state computers? You would think the state would have all sorts of firewalls up and all sorts of security that canít be breached. The state is holding everybodyís information in the state. How can they not have the best security systems in their computers?

Female Labrador

To the person who wrote in about a lost female Labrador from Old Barnwell Road, contact the Barnwell County shelter at 259-1656. They picked up one off Old Barnwell Road.

Absentee ballot

I filed an application to vote absentee on Oct. 3 and was approved. As of Oct. 24, I still hadnít received ballot. I called, and they said itís in the mail. A week later, I still havenít received my ballot.