Gas prices

To the person who wrote in about gas prices, I have seen the gas prices across Aiken have a low of $3.17 on the northwest side of town and go as high as $3.49, with the mean average at about $3.25. Go out and search for the prices and figure out what’s best for you.


Instead of changing the office of treasurer to appointed instead of elected, why not change the qualifications? If the qualifications are the same, then whoever’s appointing them can put in whoever they want to — even a relative — which happens frequently in Aiken government.


I just read in TalkBack about parties in cemeteries for Halloween. Halloween to me is a pagan holiday and made up by some individual who had nothing else to do. I would have a stroke like my wife did if they had a party at the cemetery where she’s buried.

Wedding Ceremony Conductors

I didn’t know where to turn for this question, so: In the state of S.C., who can actually perform a wedding ceremony, other than a preacher and a judge?

Feed the children

What really makes me sick to my stomach, every time you look in the paper the SPCA is in the paper for we need money, we need money, we need money. But when you have to feed a child, they want to say why do we have to feed other people’s children. You should be ashamed. That shows you the kind of people in Aiken.