To the letter in the paper concerning the Gamecocks having the toughest schedule of any team in the country by playing Auburn, Florida and Georgia, as a Tennessee fan, I differ greatly. Their schedule is nothing compared to a Tennessee fan with a team without much talent and a fairly new coach.


Iím an older person, and Iíve seen a lot of wrongdoing in the workplaces Iíve dealt with in the past. To this day, I am just put out as to all of the bad treatment of employees because Georgia and South Carolina are right-to-work states. I donít understand why people can be cruel and treat others badly. Everyone is human. If youíre an employer, treat your people with respect, and go by the law. If you donít know how, maybe you shouldnít be in business.


I am the one that left the message about being in pain and guilty of leaving the buggies from time to time. Someone said that if I leave a buggy in the handicap spot, somebody else canít park there. When I made the comment, I did not mean I leave it in the actual parking spot. I move it out by the sign or the crossed out area so there is enough room for somebody to get into the spot. Their comment about if Iím hurting so bad that I should stay home and take pain medicine and go tomorrow, that would be nice, but that isnít always possible.


When is ADPS going to start patrolling the north side of Aiken and start catching these guys in the act? Iíd really appreciate if theyíd do something. Thatís where my tax dollars are going.

Biscuits and gravy

I was wondering if somebody could tell me where I would be able to get some good biscuits and gravy? My mother used to make delicious biscuits and gravy, and Iím looking for a place that serves good biscuits and gravy.