Bike paths

Some local organizations are promoting bike paths and so forth. It behooves the city and the highway department to get together before they start widening Silver Bluff Road and start doing anything on the bypass to ensure there’s at least a bicycle path or a three-foot shoulder beyond the traffic lanes for people to walk or ride a bicycle. Get with the program, because the city does profess to have control of those highways. They need to start getting that in there to make roads safer.

Salty food

Why do restaurants have to put so much salt in their food? No wonder people in Aiken have high blood pressure and are obese. I stopped and picked up a chicken with stuffing and a vegetable to go along with it and put it in the refrigerator. When I opened it, it had so much grease. I took a taste of it, and it all went into the garbage. It tasted like pure salt.

Part of the solution

To the person who criticized the nonprofit organization L.E.A.S.H for rescuing dogs outside Aiken County instead of locally, please get to know these selfless, hardworking folks who reach out and help dogs in need without regard for boundaries. Why not join them and be part of the solution? One less suffering animal is something to celebrate wherever it is saved.

Vote for salary raises

This is in response to the article, “Something’s Wrong.” I believe the person who wrote this is correct. Since when do these congressmen deserve a 3.5 percent raise and then doing nothing for the nation and have a less than 20 percent approval rating? I think these kinds of raises should be left to the people on the ballots at election time.

Voting rights

Treasurer and auditor should be elected by the people. Don’t give up your voting rights.