Swamp Fox breakfast

I just had a wonderful breakfast at Swamp Fox, a new restaurant in downtown Aiken. Good food, charming environment and reasonable prices. It’s where Olive Oils used to be, across from the courthouse. I hear lunch and dinner are great, also. Just a heads up to give it a try.


How can a Class 2 fire department like the City of Aiken be in need of volunteers? Instead of relying on volunteers, maybe the City should stop furloughing the firefighters it already has and hire more of them.

Free meals

Can somebody explain to me why we have to provide free meals at schools if we’re already giving the parents food stamps and welfare? Seems like we’re paying twice to feed someone else’s children.

Social Security/Medicare

This is in response to the writer who commented about getting a 1.7 percent increase in their Social Security next year, which will be eaten up by Medicare premium increase. For most people, this will not be the case. We recently received our Medicare booklet for 2013, and it states that most people will pay the same premium for their Part B that they paid in 2012, which is $99.90 per month. The exception to this would be if your adjusted gross income reported on your IRS return from two years ago has increased by a certain amount. Ours has not, and I suspect this would be the case for most retirees. However, this modest increase of 1.7 percent will most likely be eaten up by the premium increases in our Medicare supplement insurance policies. These typically go up by $15 to $20 per month every year.

To the blue truck

To the blue truck turning from Old Friar onto Edgfield Highway: I’m the one you turned in front of Wednesday and almost caused a wreck.

Cooper River Bridge

This is about the new bridge on Laurens Street. Why couldn’t they build a mini Cooper River Bridge? Maybe that would be more pleasing to the eye to some of our Aiken bridge critics.

Basketball courts

As the Recreation Master Plan for Aiken is in the works, consideration should be given to the many young boys who try to play basketball at the Odell Weeks courts. They need a larger court, so they can really play.

Parties at cemeteries

Halloween parties are being scheduled for local cemeteries. This is wrong and should be stopped. This is consecrated ground and should not be desecrated in any way.