This has been a long and tumultuous presidential election season filled with unprecedented nastiness, fact checking, fact checking the fact checkers, giddy pundits reveling in their newfound fame and even Donald Trump double-dog-daring the President of the United States.

Itís almost over.

Despite all the hoopla, the decision comes down to each voter making his own decision in a small booth.

We have questions about the ability of both President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney to get our country out of this economic mess.

When Obama walked into office he had the gift of a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress. While he pushed through a strong economic plan for recovery, he took the opportunity to push through the major health care legislation that Democrats have spend decades fighting for.

While important, the fight distracted him from focusing on the Great Recession. It was a good idea at the wrong time.

The economic plan Obama put in place did keep the country from falling off the cliff.

But, we donít know what could have happened if the President had devoted his full attention to the recovery.

Throughout the campaign, Romney has been plagued by gaffes and inconsistencies Ė problems that have been highlighted in the three presidential debates. We are concerned because the world needs a clear and decisive leader if we intend to remain a super power.

We also wish Romney had been more specific on his economic plans so we could be assured the results could be different.

The bottom line is that Obama has been given an opportunity and in some ways has squandered it. Itís time to give someone else the opportunity to fix our economy.