Windows 8

Windows 8 is a disappointment. After looking at its calculating possibilities, what I saw was an old Windows XP computer. I'm staying with my old computer.


Regarding the TalkBack on L.E.A.S.H., this group saved a very large amount of animals from being killed, and considering that they will be adopted out, who's to say that they are “unwanted.” Furthermore, L.E.A.S.H. would have gladly helped any local shelters. They simply answered a plea for help and accomplished something amazing with the help of other rescue groups, none of which were local.

Money for iPads

Can someone tell me how the Aiken County Public School system has enough money to purchase thousands of dollars worth of iPads for special education teachers? Some of those teachers are giving them to regular education teachers because they have too many. What a waste of funds.

No progress

We make no progress toward energy independence. Any gains we have made are offset by increased industrial and consumer demand. With a Middle East in dangerous turmoil, with terrorist efforts, we could be faced with being cut-off from that oil. Should that happen, you'll be paying more at the pump, paying more for goods delivered to the stores, and facing increased job loss. Don't expect to be able to state that “it's not fair” and get favorable treatment from big oil. You will pay the increase plus the profit. We need that Canadian pipe line. This is meant as a comment upon the entire Congress, not just the President.