Ryan’s Downtown Market and Deli is spicing up Halloween.

The deli will stay open later and offer some superhot food in a festive atmosphere at its Diablo Night.

Some of the hottest foods in the CSRA will be served, including the Diablo burger, a Blazin’ Buffalo sub, Gator Ghost sausage, the California Asylum sandwich and Inferno pasta.

Deli supervisor Travis Sweetnam said it’s some of the hottest foods, and people have a chance to try them all out in one night.

Deli co-owner Cutter Mitchell said the deli will use fresh ghost peppers, one of the hottest in the world, but can turn down the heat on the menu items if requested.

Orange creme pops will be on hand to ease the pain for those who can’t take the heat, Mitchell added.

“It’s something fun to do, just to have people come out, have some food and have a good time,” Sweetnam said.

When asked why they picked Halloween to hold Diablo Night, Sweetnam simply answered, “It’s just more fun.”

The waiters and waitresses will be in costume, and those attending are encouraged to arrive in costume, too.

Alfred Hitchcock films will play in the background from a projector to add to the Halloween mood.

Mitchell said the idea came from a restaurant in Boston that held a similar event, and it became an iconic event.

“We like spicy food, and we want to have fun,” Mitchell said. “It would be great if we can make it an annual event.”

The event is Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m.

Reservations are not required but would be appreciated. For more information, call 226-0634.