FOTAS is on the social media bandwagon using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and the FOTAS website. These tools are used for better communication. Events like the Mutt Strut walk for the animals at Woofstock on Nov. 10, PetSmart Adoption Days or the need for dog and cat food or stuffed animals for our shelter pups; all are online.

Our website continues to evolve and is now connected to other social media tools.

With your online participation, we could be so much more effective in reaching our audience: all residents and businesses from the entire Aiken County community. We want to tell you all about current programs, needs, the new county shelter and the services it will provide.

Social media has a great impact here. It can be fun and easy to spread the word to the entire county.

With 880-plus Facebook followers, FOTAS can reach upward of 10,000 people viewing our posts in any given week. Our posts are shared, and our message spreads!

How amazing that we can “speak” to you and to people you know and then to their friends and friends of their friends – all from one message posted on our FOTAS Facebook page, our website or a tweet. It’s like the telephone game without the distortion of the message!

Like us on Facebook to receive FOTAS updates along with friends updates. Follow us on Twitter. Visit our website for more information and direct access to these sites.

Share our latest message! When we post something of interest, like our capital campaign, a cute kitten or great dog, share it on your Facebook page or with individual friends who may share your interest in animals or just tweet it out.

Think of the possibilities and all of the people we could reach! If they want to help, they can; if not, no harm, no foul. No phone calls or personal pleas for help involved. People can choose to read our message or not. No annoying spam like emails need be sent out through this process.

One of our dogs was adopted by a family in Louisiana due to a shared post! All events and adoptable animals’ photos are on our website, Facebook and Petfinder, thanks to Annette, Susan and Elizabeth.

These powerful tools have led to pet adoptions, assistance from and partnerships with other organizations, brought in donations for specific needs and even helped find lost pets. Feel free to tweet messages from @FotasAiken and reach even more people!

Our website has a moving YouTube video tour of our current shelter, as well as fun videos from past events like last year’s Fall Steeplechase!

Please use these powerful tools to help FOTAS reach the entire community that the Aiken County Animal Shelter serves.

With your help, we can reach those with the interest and resources to help us attain our biggest goal yet: to build and outfit a new Aiken County Animal Shelter by the end of 2013! Let’s help the abandoned animals of our county.

FOTAS volunteers work with the Aiken County Animal Shelter, 411 Wire Road. For more information, email or visit