Dear Scott: I moved to the South. I moved from the North where it was cool in the summer and there was no humidity and it was cold in the winter with no humidity. I knew that it would be hot and humid, but I was arriving in October, and it would be fall, and it would be cool, and I had time to acclimate to the weather change. No one told me it would be very warm and humid in October.

My hair was medium length, and I curled it every day and sprayed it, and it stayed curly and wavy all day until evening when I brushed it out. That was my Northern hair. My Southern hair was curled and sprayed and immediately went completely straight and got sticky from the hair spray. I knew I needed a new hair style and needed it immediately. So I started looking at people’s hair.

Why did middle-aged women think that they needed to have a bubble of hair around their face and then straight hair down to their shoulders hanging down their back? Not a good look.

Walking into a big-box store one day, I noticed that many of the women working there were in their 50s and older. They all had that hairstyle that needs no care. It’s extremely short with no bangs and no wisps to soften the look. Earrings and lipstick do not make a peach out of a tomato.

Attending church brought out the older ladies with the styles that were not meant to move. They can do this. They are not going out and spending time in the great hot humid outdoors. They know they look good because it took years for them to find these unmoving styles. They are the only ones that should have hair that does not move.

The teens and the college girls all have long hair that is shiny and bright and almost always blonde. Blonde does go well with soft drawls. These girls are the only ones that should have that long shiny blonde hair.

There are many women who play golf and tennis year round in the South, and they need a look that is easy and also feminine. I looked at these women and noticed a few who just missed the concept of feminine. Yes, they tried. A big bow tucked under hair that is upswept on the back of your head is not youthful and does not make you look feminine or athletic.

There are nice styles out there that work in the South. You have to find a stylist that knows the area and knows the regiment that will work with your particular hair. Buy the products that you need and protect your very valuable asset. I have been reading your columns. Do you have the ability to find the style that is right for me?

Answer: Yes.

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