For the past six weeks, those working at Aiken’s Area Churches Together Serving have found it a challenge to keep their pantries full of meat products for the seniors who depend on their daily meals from the local nonprofit.

Vicki Bukovitz, the ACTS director, said the end of the fiscal year has bottle-necked the flow of money allocated to food pantries, and the nonprofit is feeling the effects.

“The only thing that we have been able to get has been bologna and maybe hot dogs,” she said. “It’ been a bit of a challenge.”

With food prices as high as they are, volunteers have been sifting though weekly advertisements to find sales.

“But that isn’t always enough,” Bukovitz said.

Most in need are the senior food distribution and food pantry programs, and, between the two, ACTS serves food to 1,000 people each month, she said.

Seniors enrolled in the outreach program receive 21 meals a week.

Bukovitz said there are a number of ways to help fill the pantry.

Residents can bring frozen meat products and cans of tuna and salmon for distribution or help with donations.

“We have freezers and the ability to store everything,” she said.

The donations truly make a difference, she added.

“We had someone donate 10 turkeys, and that was amazing,” she said “We were able to get some earlier this year to a grandmother who was responsible for raising her grandchildren.”

The woman cried when she received the donation.

Food donations can be dropped off at ACTS, 340 Park Ave. S.W, from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Food must be commercially produced. Homemade goods cannot be distributed.

Checks can be written to ACTS. Donors can specify the food pantry, senior program, heater program or utility program if they would like, she said.

For more information about donations, call 649-3800.

Those in need of services should call 642-5919.