J. Strom Thurmond Jr is running unopposed for a second term as Solicitor for South Carolina’s 2nd Judicial Circuit.

The son of the late Sen Strom Thurmond, he attended the University of South Carolina as a law student.

He began his career as a prosecutor in the 2nd Circuit as an assistant solicitor under Barbara Morgan.

At 29, Thurmond became the youngest U.S. Attorney when appointed to lead the District of South Carolina.

However, in 2004, Thurmond left the U.S. Attorney’s office and went into private practice.

In 2008, Thurmond won an uncontested election to become 2nd Judicial Circuit Solicitor. He succeeded Morgan, who had held the office for 19 years.

Thurmond and wife Heather Holland Thurmond have a son, J. Strom Thurmond III.