A career criminal was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for stealing beer.

Henry Simmons, 41, has felonies against his name dating back 23 years, according to testimony at his plea hearing. Now, the shoplifter is starting a five-year sentence for stealing five cases of beer.

Simmons pleaded guilty to an enhanced shoplifting charge on Wednesday that can see the offender jailed for up to 10 years. The enhancement comes from previous convictions for the crime of which Simmons has five.

The arrest for this crime came around 40 days after Simmons was released from jail on his last burglary conviction.

He has previous offenses that include assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, possession with intent to distribute cocaine within proximity of a school and several other drug charges.

On Aug. 19 this year, he was arrested after putting five cases of beer into a storage bin and then fleeing a Whiskey Road store. He was pursued by store security and then apprehended by Aiken Department of Public Safety officers.