On East Pine Log Road there is a sign that reads: ď23,700 cars pass this spot every day.Ē If that is true, then slightly more than 987 cars go by every hour, which figures out to about 16.5 cars every minute, all day long and all night long, every day. As one of my friends says, ďAinít no way.Ē Whatever the true number is, I donít trust the information on that sign.

I feel the same way about some of the information thatís being kicked around concerning the Roe/Thompson race for probate judge. Sue Roeís record of 28 years with the probate court shows that she is a well-qualified, compassionate, effective, respected probate judge. Yet we are being bombarded by information that implies she is not effective, or not respected, or questionably qualified, etc. I wonder where information like that comes from.

Is there evidence that Roe is not well qualified? Not a shred. Is there evidence that Jane Page Thompson is as well qualified as Roe? Well, it depends on how much veracity you assign to some secretarial training and considerable real estate experience.

Is there evidence that Roe is not effective, or not respected? Not a shred of evidence here, either. In fact, Roe has been recognized many times by her peers for exemplary performance both as a probate judge and for providing leadership for her staff in administering matters that come before the probate court, including computerization of court records. Again, I donít trust information that would indicate otherwise.

Iím voting forRoe, based on available evidence and information I trust.

Jerry Wright