In a recent edition of the Aiken Standard, I was afforded theopportunity to explain why I believe it is in our bestinterests to adopt the council-manager form of governmentwhereby the auditor and the treasurer are appointedprofessionals rather popularly elected citizens who may ormay not be qualified.An opposing letter suggested thatmy ulterior motive for wanting the change is that, “PerhapsSinger wants to be appointed to one of these positions.”

For the record, I have no interest in either the auditoror the treasurer positions. And, if for some strangereason Council would ask me to serve in either capacity, Iwould respectfully decline. My priorities over the nextseveral years are to focus on my family and my growingfinancial services business. Furthermore, I will not beseeking re-election to County Council, so certainly this isnot some kind of power-grab on my part as some of my political detractors have suggested.

My motivation for wanting this change is pretty simple.It is clearly in the best interests of the citizens ofAiken County. Please help us move forward and vote yes to the council-manager form of government.

Scott Singer

Aiken County Council