Thompson doesnít have what it takes

I read with interest the letter printed in the Aiken Standard proclaiming that Jane Page Thompson has what it takes to be our probate judge. The letter was written by a lady who attests to Thompsonís real estate skills. Many of those real estate skills have no relation to the skills needed in the probate court. Ask the opinion of local real estate agents, many of whom donít back Thompson.

The position of probate judge calls for a person who knows probate law but, more importantly, is compassionate and helpful to those families who are facing the pressures of settling the distribution of assets of deceased parents or loved ones. Probate Judge Sue Roe has spent a lifetime dealing with these issues and is keenly aware of the heartbreak and tensions of her clients. She has performed admirably and is recognized throughout the state as an outstanding probate judge.

Local attorneys attest to her competence and support her re-election as do a large number of Aiken County Republicans who are actively backing Judge Roe and will cross over on their ballots to elect her. They must know something.

Jerrold Sundt