Support Vaughters for state House

Last April, Jane Vaughters filed to run as a candidate for S.C. House District 81. Due to a legalistic loophole which favored incumbents, Vaughters, along with about 250 others statewide, became ineligible for the June primary ballot. Don Wells, also running for District 81, benefitted from the loophole and was not disqualified even though he filed his paperwork later than Vaughters and is an incumbent from a different seat. Unfortunately, the real losers are we the voters who did not get to choose our candidate in a valid primary election.

Fortunately, the law allows someone to run by petition, if they obtain enough signatures of registered voters. Vaughters accomplished this and will appear on the November ballot as petition candidate.

Vaughters and I served together on the Aiken City Council from 2001 to 2009. During that time, we succeeded in making Council meetings and City operations more transparent. Vaughters served her constituents well and always took the time to understand their concerns and truly represent them. She is a solid fiscal conservative of strong character and firm convictions as her voting record shows. She will never go along to get along, as unfortunately too many of our smooth talking career politicians do. She will be a strong voice for Aiken and all of South Carolina in the House.

Vaughters is a lifelong Republican and has been active in the local Republican community. However, she will appear on the ballot with party listed as “petition.” Consequently, I urge all voters to carefully review the entire ballot and vote for the individual candidates rather than the straight party ticket. For District 81, I urge you to join me in voting for Vaughters.

Dick Smith