Recognize the team in success

In football when a quarterback makes a touchdown pass, he is quick to acknowledge the gifted receivers and linemen who made if possible. He recognizes that their contributions were essential to the team’s success and he played but one role of many that were necessary for the outcome. It was a team – a community – effort and he merely provided the most obvious component.

At this moment in our history, in our capitalistic system, we seem to have to tolerate those who are successful (read rich) who deny that our system – the tax dollars that the community paid, the teachers that taught, the sanitary engineers who haul away trash and the government which provided the infastructure – had anything to do with their success. “They did it all themsleves.” I have yet to hear anyone of them answer the question, “Could you have done it in Somalia?” It’s a very egotistical and arrogant attitude and their reaction when the president dares to point out the obvious shows their defensiveness.

Lester C. Welch