For anyone paying even a little bit of attention, there is no question that Barack Obama and his fellow travelers seek to destroy America as it was founded. These liberal progressives burrow from within (their words) to destroy, then remake the country in the Marxist/Socialist model. The past four years are merely a prelude to what will occur if Obama is re-elected. In virtually all important areas, we see them orchestrating America’s decline. Our economy, a dependency culture, crushing regulations, ObamaCare, energy policy, national debt, amateurish foreign relations, to mention but a few. With two or three nominations to the Supreme Court, the path to redistribution and the dismal grayness of equal misery for all will be set, and we will lose the Republic within 15 years. There is still time to become an informed voter. “The Amateur” and “The Manchurian President” are two well-sourced, and best-selling books. Of course, there is “2016, the Movie,” which may be seen here or Augusta. Ignorance is not bliss and the mainstream media are not dis-interested parties. If America is to survive as a free and prosperous Republic, we must elect Republicans up and down the ballot. Safeguard your freedoms and your future. Full disclosure: I worked on Virgil Goode’s congressional campaign (5th Dist., Virginia) in 2008. He was defeated by Tom Perriello, a George Soros acolyte with no experience or past. Sound familiar)? A vote for Virgil Goode, or any other third party nominee, is a vote to re-elect Obama.

Ed. H. “Ed” Trottier