WILLISTON — Gray Mole’s three sons really enjoyed learning about Jim and Trish Mulcahy’s horses and how they worked as a team to pull the wagon. They were among the participants on the first wagon ride at Jocelyn Deschene’s Dancing Horses Equestrian Center. The Mulcahy’s own the No Baloney Pony.

“My son takes riding lessons with Jocelyn,” said Mole. “Jocelyn told us about the wagon ride. It’s good, family-oriented, wholesome fun. This was the first time my sons have ridden on a horse-pulled wagon.”

The wagon ride took the participants around the Dancing Horse Equestrian Center facility, and, on the adjacent property, through the woods and the surrounding rural setting.

Jim Mulcahy loves to see the enjoyment in the people’s faces when he takes them out for a ride.

The team of horses that pulled the wagon were Duke, a 30-something Belgain Draft Horse, and Simon, a 9-year-old Percheron-Thoroughbred cross.

“Before we bought Duke, he used to compete, and he’s a blue ribbon winner,” said Jim Mulcahy. “We got Simon about a year ago. He’s done a lot of single. He just learned how to do pairs with Duke. They do very well. They’re basically bomb-proof. I can take them anywhere without a problem.”

After the wagon ride, the participants enjoyed toasted marshmallows, hot dogs and hot cider around a campfire.

“It’s a great way to have some fun, especially for the children who may not have been exposed to horses,” Deschene said.

The wagon rides will be held every Saturday throughout the fall, and plans call for several themed rides, including a Christmas and Valentine’s Day ride. There will also be children’s and adult rides. The wagon ride will also be a featured part of Dancing Horses Equestrian Center’s Inaugural Fall Festival on Oct. 28.

The cost is $7 per adult, and $3 for children under 10. Private rides can be scheduled in advance.

For reservations, call (803) 266-3721.