I first met Jane Vaughters more than 10 years ago, when she and Dick Smith were making their first run for Aiken City Council.

At that time she said she was running for several reasons. Among those were that she wanted more transparency in the way in which decisions were being made and she wanted more emphasis on fiscal control. In her two terms on City Council she and Smith made significant improvements in both of these areas. She had also said that she believed in term limits and chose not to run for a third term.

Jane is now running as a petition candidate for S.C. House District 81. Her reasons for running are similar to those when she ran for City Council. She wants more transparency on how our tax dollars are being spent; she wants citizens to know how their representatives are voting on committees and the house floor; she wants any proposed spending bill to state how it will be paid for; and she wants no secret deals for special interest groups. Based upon her proven record for eight years on Aiken City Council, Iím confident that Vaughters will work tirelessly to achieve these objectives.

Because Vaughters and more than 200 other candidates for office were excluded from running in the primary election due to statewide filing problems, she had to choose either not to run or to run as a petition candidate. She decided not to quit the race and instead demonstrated her commitment to her objectives by obtaining more than 2,000 valid signatures of District 81 registered voters.

To vote for Vaughters, donít vote a straight party ticket. Find her name on the ballot and vote directly for her.

Miles Hall