Don’t shove your shorts, T-shirts and sandals to the back of the closet just yet.

The cooler temperatures of Monday and Tuesday that seemed to herald the arrival of fall are gone and won’t be back for at least one week.

National Weather Service-Columbia forecaster Tenia Morrison said this week that the “wedge” – high pressure that held cold air here from east of the Appalachian Mountains – began to erode Tuesday.

The dissipation of the wedge means warm air is back and an end to the 60-degree temperatures.

“We’re looking at about 70-degree temperatures the rest of the week,” Morrison said.

The highs expected the rest of the week are normal for this time of year, Morrison added, with the daily temperature averaging 80 degrees in previous years.

Overnight lows will hover in the high 40s to mid 50s.

“It will also be dry for the rest of the week,” Morrison said.

Today is expected to be mostly sunny with a high of 79 and an overnight low of 49.

Thursday will be sunny with a high near 73, and Friday will be sunny with a high of 80.

Saturday and Sunday will be mostly sunny with highs near 75 and 80 degrees, respectively.

It appears consistent 80-degree temperatures will return next week with highs forecast for Monday and Tuesday.