This leeter regards Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column on defense of the 47 percent.

Pitts begins his column by stating a sad, but increasingly frequent story occurring in our country, involving a 35-year-old single mother and her children having a difficult time meeting health care and living expenses without the aid of the government.

Pitts then makes the unsupported assertion that Mitt Romney would consider them freeloaders since they are in the 47 percent Romney alluded to in his remarks at a private fund-raiser. Romney never used the term “freeloaders,” that is Pitts’ term. Romney has never advocated cutting off aid to people who really need help and indeed has done so many times, out of his own pocket, as a private citizen.

Romney stated, probably correctly, that the people who were dependent on the government for support were not likely to vote for him. This is simply and acknowledgement of reality. Pitts either deliberately overlooked, or, influenced by his liberal bias, missed Romney’s point, which is: His election efforts and funds are better directed to those who will or might vote for him rather than those who in all probability will not vote for him.

It is columnists like Leonard Pitts Jr. who are trying to influence the election by driving the class warfare wedge between people avoiding the real problems: Lack of job growth and lack of industrial growth, caused in large part by over-regulation of industry and an out-of-control EPA. Creating jobs and creating a favorable environment for growth of our industries and small businesses will improve the lives of all our citizens.

Trying to set one group of people against another never has, and never will, created a single job.

Ron Tew