An Aiken woman pleaded guilty this morning to her part in an armed robbery of a Whiskey Road jewelry store in which the store owner and the robber suffered gunshot wounds.

Christie Jackson, 30, of Aiken was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her part in the violent crime, where her partner dressed in drag and attempted to rob Porky Bradberry's Jewelry Store off Whiskey Road on Sept. 12.

Jackson pleaded guilty to being an accessory before the fact of an armed robbery. Her partner in crime, Dominique Lemond Fortenberry, received a 30-year sentence in September for three counts of armed robbery, one count of attempted armed robbery and one count of discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle on charges related to this incident and one other.

Fortenberry was in court as a potential witness as the case was scheduled to be tried had the plea deal not been accepted.

Jackson's part in these crime “baffled” Judge Doyet “Jack” Early and her attorney, former Second Circuit Solicitor Bob Harte. Early described the defendant as having the “best parental background you can get” as well as access to education and opportunities than many he sees in his courtroom. 

Jackson is the daughter of a 35-year veteran of the school system of Aiken County school system.

She graduated with honors from South Aiken High School at 16, graduated from Clark Atlanta University, and later scored what Early said was a “very respectable” score on her Law School Admission Test. She had also worked and was trained as a manager at Target, Walmart and JC Penny stores. 

“I'm just baffled at how she went from being a bright person, hard-working person with a good education ... to this situation,” said Harte of his client.