Kathy Parker is happy to be back eventing, and Saturday was an opportunity to get her green horse additional experience before moving up to training level. She was among those who took part in the Paradise Farm Hunter Trial and Dog Show Saturday at Lellie Wardís Paradise Farm.

ďI wanted to come out and school, get him over some courses, practice our stadium,Ē said Parker, who trains with Ward. ďItís an open hunter trial, but they do cross country fences. Itís been a relaxing day, and a lot of fun.Ē

A return to the discipline of eventing, has been enjoyable for Parker, who is now a mother of two children, but had gone intermediate before her hiatus from the sport. Parker brought her off the track Thoroughbred to Saturdayís event. Parker participated in the 3-foot class that featured a bank, ditch, water complex and cross country jumping efforts.

ďThe course had brush fences, and things you may or may not see out in the hunt field,Ē said Parker.

However, Parker wasnít the only one that was making a transition as the eventerís horse Peace Dancer, or Junior as heís known around the barn, is adjusting to his new career. The elegant dark bay gelding will be competing in two weeks at the Paradise Farm Horse Trials.

ďHeís not been the easiest horse to ride,Ē said Parker. ďBut, Iím getting used to that. Heís come a long way. Heís a very good jumper, quick and fast. Heís grown up a lot, and heís teaching me a lot. Iím building my confidence level back up.Ē