Aiken County is fortunate to have an experienced probate judge like Sue H. Roe.

Roe is highly respected throughout South Carolina, especially among the people who have appeared in her court, or used the services of her office. She has put together an excellent staff of competent, compassionate people.

Roe’s opponent, Jane Page Thompson, is a civic-minded Realtor and a good person. She might make a good city or county council member, or even a member of the S.C. House of Representatives. But, because of Ms. Thompson’s lack of experience, a probate judgeship would not be a good fit for her.

A judge should not be a politician, and Roe is not a politician. It would be a shame to lose a highly qualified public servant like Roe as a result of partisan politics. We ought to keep Roe as probate judge.

Anthony J. DiStafano