Are you ready to give up your right to elect local officials?

In a day when we, the people, are almost on a daily basis losing our freedom, we now have another issue at hand on a local level.

It will appear in the form of a referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot in Aiken County. We have a county administrator, along with a few others who wish to appoint the positions of auditor and treasurer for Aiken County. Not only that, but we have County Councilman Scott Singer who questions the intelligence of all Aiken County voters to place qualified candidates in office. I'd like to remind Singer that we have qualified candidates available for all positions – whether they are on the ballot or as write-ins.

If the referendum is passed giving the county administrator power to appoint treasurer and auditor, then what next? Sheriff, coroner, probate judge, clerk of court and yes, county council. Is it possible there is a hidden agenda which will be made public only after election day if it passes? Perhaps Singer wishes to be appointed to one of these positions.

I urge you to help keep our rights in place as much as possible. Vote no on the referendum on Nov. 6.

Joann Keatts


Editor's note: This letter has been updated to correct the date of the general election. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.