Get in line, cast your vote for the ocean liner “Government is All.” She’s ready to sail again Nov. 7. Don’t be left behind; we plan on having a good time. No need for a ticket, passport, nor proof of any kind. Come as you are, behave as you please, you are not responsible for your actions. We expect millions and millions of additional guests since our maiden voyage in 2008. Rest assured we provide for all.

Your captain remains the same, despite his lack of navigational skills. He will just circumvent the rough “Sea of Congress,” and those tall wooden ships that dot the “Constitutional Sea.” He will blame others and make excuses, as we cross the red ink of the “Ocean of Debt,” and head for the abyss. Don’t be alarmed by the absence of life boats or vests, if you believe in the captain and have a blind eye. We got more freebies to occupy your mind and time, all courtesy of those fools who keep working and plugging the leaks.

The weight of the ship takes its toll. She drops a few levels further into the depths and lists badly to the left. Captain makes a turn and proceeds full speed ahead. “Land ahoy,” the passengers shout, but what strange land have they encountered. There are ruins in all directions, no people in sight, tall fences in the distance and eerie silence abounds.

Captain shouts from the bridge, “Disembark and form a single line, you’ll be led to your camp. If you hurry you may still get the beans, bread and water the government has provided.” The fundamental transformation is complete, the system has collapsed under its own weight. Hope you like the change, because your votes brought us all to this forward place.

Randy MillmanAiken