We know three things about the assault on our Libyan embassy that led to the death of four Americans.

First, this was a premeditated attack. Second, the Obama Administration failed to keep Americans safe, even though intelligence indicated there would be anti-American protests at overseas American embassies on Sept. 11. Third, we know that the president lied to us.

The president knew these were organized terrorist attacks within 24 hours. Yet five days later, he sent his United Nations ambassador to five Sunday morning news programs to announce that the attacks were the result of Muslim offense to an anti-Muslim short film.

Days before the Libyan attack, Obama was chanting at the Democratic National Convention that “GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead.”

A few weeks before that, the president told the Russian president that he would have greater flexibility to negotiate after the next election. Most recently, Obama refused a request to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister because he was too busy. That same week, Obama found time for campaign events. What’s more important – that Iran may soon have a nuclear weapon with which to destroy Israel and attack the United States, or that the president appear on TV shows in order to get re-elected?

Recently, we learned that there are chemical weapons in Syria that have been moved, and that “there are lingering questions about what exactly happened to some of the weapons” (from the Huffington Post, Sept. 28). And we’ve learned that the FBI is not on-the-ground in Benghazi investigating the attacks because it is not safe – yet unarmed Western journalists are there.

All of this suggests two things: The president is unable to make the tough decisions needed to protect America’s interests, and, the president is more interested in promoting his own political agenda than in promoting what is best for America.

Paul AndersonAiken