Store owner accused of pointing gun

Two people accused an Aiken business owner of pointing a gun at them while they were in his Richland Avenue store.

According to a Public Safety report, when the victims entered the store, the owner told a female in the store that “two hoodlums” had just walked in and that she needed to come up front. The owner was reportedly “abrasive” with the people and walked around to another counter and picked up a shotgun, loaded it, pointed it at them and told them to leave.

The victims told officers the store owner told them to leave $20 on the counter before they left, according to the report.

The store owner told officers the victims entered the store and asked “what was free,” and that made him uneasy because the victims “did not appear like his normal customers,” according to the report. The owner reportedly told the victims they could put $20 on the counter and pick out any shirt they wanted.

The two people then acted as if they were going to take several shirts from the rack, according to the report. The store owner told officers he picked up his shotgun and loaded it, but never pointed it at them. He added that he had the shotgun to protect his property.

Man wanted for bank fraud captured

The Aiken Department of Public Safety on Wednesday announced the capture of a man wanted for two counts of bank fraud.

Gary Michael Hutto was captured by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and will be extradited back to Aiken in the coming days. Hutto had been on Public Safety’s “Most Wanted” list.