I have just finished reading your article about the puppy mill raid in Johnston that occurred last week and I wanted to add a couple of things.

This article went into great detail about the Humane Society of the U.S., the SPCA and the Equine Rescue; however, there is an unsung hero to the story. Her name is Charlie and she runs Charlie’s Angels Rescue here in Aiken. Charlie helped investigate this puppy mill and helped to get the attention of the authorities. Every time she went to this place and could only take a few, she had to leave the rest behind. She has several of the puppies and dogs that were rescued from the mill before it was closed.

The owner of the puppy mill, only has to give up her animals and pay a small $350 fine. I find this absolutely horrible. Is that all those innocent animals suffering is worth? No, far from it. Charlie has a petition that everyone can sign to help make South Carolina animal cruelty laws much tougher. It’s been proven that animal abuse leads to human abuse and worse.

Times are tough everywhere, especially for animals and those in animal rescue. Please stop by Bonefied Bakery on Laurens Street this Saturday to sign the petition and support one of our own local rescues, Charlie’s Angels Rescue. Every person can make a difference.