Eugene and Ann Casey married 60 years ago, Sept. 21, 1952.

Gene, a DuPonter since 1951, brought his Asheville bride to Robbins Trailer City, Aiken, 60 years ago. Later we shared a duplex with Gene and Gilda Holland on Bonner Street. We entered Virginia Acres at today’s existing entrance to the Weeks Recreational Center.

Since I had taught two years in Asheville, N.C., I was immediately hired at Aiken High School/Laurens Street as the 13th English teacher with the nudge to also teach one biology class. On January 1953, oh well, I felt I could “do most anything.”

Five years later we moved to our new home in Aiken Estates where quite a few of my teenage students lived. Somehow the dedicated parents were relieved because strangely as partners I knew each day that I had a strong sense of direction to really teach their intelligent teenagers English.

We also happily brought our 2-year-old son to Aiken Estates. During these long years, the pronunciation of Legare Road has changed three times. Sort of sad to be older now and not to know the name of one’s street!

We have had much encouragement over the years, including most recently from a former student Ed Hicks, who said,” You know, Mrs. Casey, the first 60 years are the hardest.”