A few nights ago while watching the perils and contradictions of Mitt Romney I was reminded of Jon Huntsman, who resigned his post at the Chinese Embassy with the intention to challenge President Obama in the upcoming election.

It looked like Obama hoped to keep him out of politics, knowing full well the caliber of Huntsman, and obviously his return created a concern in the White House.

He was not only a very astute politician but also carried the necessary pedigree for the office of the presidency, a moderate bipartisan Republican who would bring a much needed civility to the nation.

And here we are. A few months ago, we witnessed a contest of unexpected biblical characters with a couple of jokers thrown in who, with the exception of Ron Paul (who is another story), viciously debated each other and battled who was the supreme right wing conservative.

Finally, after spending more than $4 billion, enriching millions in our political enterprise, we are ready for a contest that will expose the abyss our country has fallen into.