Two native Aikenites have teamed up on a book with their reflections on growing up and living in Aiken.

Artist Betsy Wilson-Mahoney and writer Michael Gibbons will be releasing their new book “When I Think of Aiken…” in October.

Thirty different Aiken-centric topics are covered in the book, each with a Wilson-Mahoney painting and a Gibbons essay.

The topics range from such Aiken standbys as Hopelands Gardens and Hitchcock Woods to more abstract topics such as picnics and generations.

“Michael and I both grew up in Aiken. I have raised a family here, and he is raising one. Aiken was the place where so many of our memories and perspectives were formed. To be able to reflect on Aiken in words and pictures is something that was very exciting for us,” she said.

Wilson-Mahoney is a well-known Aiken artist whose 2008 book, “The Aiken Book: A Watercolor Tour,” was enthusiastically received and sold out.

Gibbons has written a weekly humor column, Mike’s Life, for the Aiken Standard since 1997 and has won numerous South Carolina Press Association awards for the column. He is the former managing editor at the Standard.

Several book signings are planned in October for the release of the book. To learn more about the book or to purchase a copy, visit

For more information, contact Gibbons at