South Carolina ETV crews spent the day in Aiken Tuesday, filming some of the most picturesque spots in the City for a tourism advertisement to air statewide on public TV.

Crews started filming on South Boundary Avenue around 10 a.m., where Mayor Fred Cavanaugh and his wife Lee met ETV officials beneath the much-beloved canopy of trees.

The South Boundary segment was the first of several selected to run in the spot to boast the unique charm of the city.

Motorists trying to travel the popular roadway late morning Tuesday morning were diverted from South Boundary, and a number of the parkways leading to the roadway were also temporarily blocked off.

City of Aiken Tourism Supervisor Elizabeth Harm said the Aiken spot will not only air in the Palmetto State but also in parts of North Carolina.

It may air on TV as early as Monday.

From South Boundary, it was just a quick jaunt up the road to meet volunteer train conductor Don Winslow at the Aiken Visitors Center and Train Museum.

Cameramen filmed Winslow dressed as a train conductor outfitted with a whistle.

“Aiken is just a whistle away,” he is filmed saying.

From the train depot, crews headed to Hopelands Gardens for outdoor shots of the community green space.

And, what film feature on Aiken would be complete without a segment from the horse district? The Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum played center stage to the equestrian side of Aiken, drawing annually tens of thousands of people to races and other horse events around town.

Aiken’s arts community and downtown shopping area were also filmed Tuesday, drawing attention to Aiken as a “perfect getaway.” Finally, Aiken’s sporting side and recreational opportunities were highlighted with a final stop at the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center.