Fall is in the air, and pumpkins are here.

Rick's Produce has pumpkins of all shapes and sizes for sale at its seasonal location beside Tire Kingdom on Whiskey Road. The business, which is under a large tent, opened about two days ago and will offer its autumn selections for at least a month.

“We have all the fall stuff you might be looking for,” said employee Joe Furtick.

In addition to pumpkins, Rick's Produce also has seasonal favorites, like decorative squash, swan gourds, Indian corn, corn stalks, hay bales and a variety of autumn flowers, including pansies, mums and snapdragons.

“People always like the corn stalks and hay bales,” Furtick said.

All of the pumpkins at Rick's Produce are grown by an Amish family in Michigan.

Michigan farmers were happy to report this week that their pumpkin and Christmas tree crops were well despite concerns that a heat wave and drought that plagued the state this summer had damaged the fledgling plantings, according to The Associated Press.

Though Halloween is more than a month away, customers have already been snatching up pumpkins and decorative squashes and gourds to set them out on their porches as a seasonal display.

“If you want to get the pumpkin now, that's fine; just don't carve it until two days before Halloween, or it'll go bad,” Furtick said.

Rick's Produce reopened in October 2011 after almost a year of being closed because of having to move from its location where the Cracker Barrel now sits.

Rick's Produce went from the small wooden structure the business was last housed in to setting up under a large tent, which was used when Rick's Produce first opened in 1995.

Jumbo pumpkins are $12.99 each, large pumpkins are $8.99 each, pie pumpkins are 2 for $5, and Pokemon minis are $1.29 per pound. Selections also include 10-inch mums for $16.99, pansies for $14.99 a flat or $2.99 each, corn stalks for $8.99 and wheat straw bales for $5.99.

Sometime around Thanksgiving, Rick's Produce will begin to sell Christmas trees at the same location.

Rick's Produce is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday.