Dear Scott: I color my hair and in about six weeks the roots start showing, but my hair isnít growing any longer, so how does that happen?

Answer: I am going to assume that you have long hair. And that you want to grow it longer. But it wonít grow. Color-and-cut at the same time will cut off everything that grew out. Try skipping a haircut in-between color services. Or not cutting it for a few visits to the salon.

You donít say what you are doing with your color. The ends of the hair may be breaking off. Overprocessing can cause the ends of the hair to snap off without your noticing.

A treatment for breakage will eliminate the problem. I use a polypeptide polymer to eliminate breakage. It is applied every six to eight weeks until the damaged hair is eventually cut off.

Some hair types are fragile and require treatments that will need to be done indefinitely.

Another possibility is that your hair has reached its maximum length. The anagen phase designates the length of the hair growth. It defines the actual time the hair remains on your head before falling out. Scalp hair usually stays in this phase anywhere from two to seven years long. Then the hair will fall out and is replaced by another.

Genetics play a key role in the amount of time the hair will remain in the anagen phase. Age is another. Diet, antioxidants and products designed for conditioning the scalp can help to extend this period.

Dear Scott: I am going to a new hairdresser in a few weeks and would like to know some questions that I should ask him during a consultation. Would you give me an idea of some kinds of things we could talk about or that I should tell him?

Answer: It never hurts to make a list of things that concern you. Then you wonít forget.

My consultations are like the flash round of a TV game show. Itís a lot of questions-and-answers exchanged in a very short time.

A good example of information that was compiled from a single consultation is as follows:

Her husband likes it long. Her girlfriends like it short.

She washes it every day but sometimes only once a week.

She is conservative and can also be a bad little girl.

Well water is involved. She does not want to spend a lot of time styling her hair.

Her dog will look at her funny if she comes home with a different color.

She has fragile hair. There is a budget.

She hates her cowlick but doesnít want to.

She thinks she has a big forehead.

Her job is a stay-at-home mom.

The baby cries when she gets a haircut.

Then it all goes into my brain. It whirls around until a picture of the perfect hairstyle is revealed. I do not know exactly how. Possible physic abilities might be involved.

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