The National Football League is back in action tonight. Now that it has finally arrived, it’s time to prep the sofa and big screen for full viewing capability. One thing remains.

Food, and lots of it.But instead of resorting to chips and dip and some thrown together meal, how about getting a little creative this year?

Here are some ideas of team-related meals, either for those you love or those you loath.

The season kicks off with the Dallas Cowboys taking on the New York Giants tonight. Cowboys fans need to look further than a great grilled Angus burger — a great patty from steer country.

As for the Giants, how about a green bean casserole?

There is a giant (green, but still) right there on the side of the can.

There are nine 1 p.m. start-time games on Sunday and each could provide some great themed meals.

Dolphins vs. Texans: How about a grilled piece of mahi tuna with a side of rice pilaf for those ‘Fins fans. As for Houston, a rib-eye would be perfect, They do have “Toro” for a logo.

Colts vs. Bears: For Indy, keep with the “luck,” for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, and go Irish – maybe corned beef and cabbage. And for the Bears, does anything say Chicago more than a deep dish pizza?

Falcons vs. Chiefs: Buffalo chicken sandwich for the Dirty Birds because that offense will be on fire this year. As for the Chiefs, they know their barbecue, so have your choice.

Redskins vs. Saints: For the Skins, potato skins are an obvious choice and a tasty football snack. As for the Saints, jumbalaya, a mix-match of things that are coming and going.

Eagles vs. Browns: A duck dish for Philly fans – they’ll have the best bird this year. And for Browns fans, a gas station hot dog meal, should be on par for the season ahead.

Rams vs. Lions: For the Rams, go lamb; and, it resembles the ferocity of the team. As for Detroit, well lions eat elk so go venison.

Patriots vs. Titans: What’s more Patriotic than apple pie? Second choice for the Pats would be Boston butt. Titan’s fans need to go fire grilled T-bone steaks – just look at their logo.

Bills vs. Jets: Buffalo fans need nothing more than a delicious bison burger. Jets fans, eat whatever comfort food you seek out when things aren’t going well.

Now for the late Week 1 games.Seahawks vs. Cardinals: For Seattle fans, a nice cup ‘o joe with a side of Marshawn Lynch’s Skittles. As for the worst birds in the NFL, go with turkey.

49ers vs. Packers: 49ers fans should dig into some Rice-A-Roni, because they’ll be getting San Francisco treats all year. With the Packers, consider a cheese fountain to dip fried cheese bits into.

Panthers vs. Bucs: Some great Carolina barbecue against some great Gulf-caught grouper, can’t go wrong with either this year.

Steelers vs. Broncos: How about a Pittsburgh rare sirloin for the Steel Curtain. As for Denver fans, baby back ribs perhaps?

Bengals vs. Ravens: Did you know that Cinncinati is famous for chili over pasta? Or that Edgar Allan Poe’s (the Ravens namesake) favorite food was lasagna?

Chargers vs. Raiders: Chinese food for Charger fans, it fills you up but always leaves you wanting more. As for Oakland, go with a blackened piece of chicken and a side of black beans to prepare you to cheer in the Black Hole.