“Waiting for Butterflies,” a faith-based movie, is set to begin filming in Aiken in less than two weeks.

Principal photography on the inspirational/dramatic movie is slated to start on Sept. 14, and scenes will be shot in several businesses and private homes in town. Shooting for the movie, which will feature several local actors, should last about 15 days, according to director Richard Clark Jr., who also wrote the movie’s script.

Clark, a partner/producer with production company New Daydream Films, spent the weekend in Aiken with several of the movie’s producers scouting secured filming locations and familiarizing themselves with the area.

“You can do a project in a town or do a project with a town,” Clark said. “With Aiken, we’re not just in Aiken.”

Clark and executive producer Derrick Simcox said the support for “Waiting for Butterflies” and New Daydream Films has been overwhelming – local hotels have offered cast and crew lodging, area residents have offered to provide food during production, and other Aiken businesses have welcomed them with open arms.

“I can’t tell you how appreciative we are,” Clark said. “We’ve not been told ‘no’ for anything.”

The movie plot summary, according to New Daydream Films’ website, is, “On her deathbed, a grandmother’s last wish is for her estranged family to come together for her final days to come. Little do they know, a miracle is on the horizon for their gathering.”

Scenes in “Waiting for Butterflies” will be shot in and around the lofts above True Value Hardware, George Funeral Homes, the Aiken County detention center, the home of Tommie Culligan on South Boundary and Hopelands Gardens, among others.

Clark truly believes Aiken could use the movie as a promotional video once it’s in the can.

“(Aiken) is like, crying to be shot,” Simcox said.

New Daydream Films was drawn to Aiken with the help of local resident Carla Cloud. Cloud, the executive director of the Aiken Downtown Development Association, is featured in several scenes of “Home,” a drama/mystery TV pilot New Daydream Films produced last year. She encouraged Clark to visit and premiere “Home” in Aiken and gave him a tour of the city.

“We came down here because we love Carla then we said, ‘We should shoot here,’” Clark said. “We have through-the-roof aspirations for this movie. If it doesn’t get a theatrical release, we’ll be disappointed.”

Cloud has every confidence in New Daydream Films and the young men who are the company’s producers, partners and directors.

“I really think Waiting for Butterflies has some potential,” she said.

Cloud was cast in the movie as were local residents Bob Engle, a veteran of the Aiken Community Playhouse, and Justin Wheelon.

“The soul of the movie is a miracle – sometimes you’re looking for the wrong miracle when the right miracle is right in front of you unfolding,” Clark said.

Scenes in several motion pictures have been filmed in Aiken including, “Who’s Your Caddy?” and “That Darn Cat” starring Christina Ricci.