SacrificeI read with interest the column titled ďWe must share the sacrificesĒ from Gov. Nikki Haley in the paper, and I was very amused. I am a Republican, but I just wonder where they are going to start sharing in the sacrifices. They ask the state employees to sacrifice and pay more. They gave a raise, she vetoed it, but they overrode it and then she increases the insurance. So, they didnít get a raise, they actually lost 2.5 percent. Iíd like to know when theyíre going to sacrifice. The big cats up in Washington, D.C., all have the best health care, even the local people here have retirements from part-time jobs all on the taxpayers. This is appalling that she would write this, and she has been out of the country three or four times on the taxpayersí money. Even following Romney all over the country is paid for by the taxpayers. I thought it couldnít get any worse than Sanford; I canít wait to vote her out.

TaxesThis is my message for the people who are mad with Romney for not paying his taxes. When I win the Powerball, Iím not going to pay my taxes, either. Iím going to put my money in the Cayman Islands. Donít be mad at Romney because heís not paying his taxes. Heís not the only rich man who doesnít pay taxes.

ChosenI just wonder why some stuff is picked to go in the TalkBack but other stuff isnít. Iíve called in several times and none of mine get in. I guess you think what Iím saying is offensive, but itís not. Itís the truth. I donít want to be offensive, but the truth is the truth.

Trees in D.C.Talking about the trip to D.C., I laughed when I saw this. Talking about the students they sent up there, talking about how they hope they learn how to trim trees. What in the world does Washington, D.C., have to do with trimming trees here in Aiken? I totally agree with so many people on TalkBack that it might need to be this bad. It is so stupid for some people. I have never heard such things as that Washington, D.C. Those children went up there to learn about the government, not trimming trees. You all can find something else to talk about.

New coachI see football season is fixing to start and Iíd just like to say Midland Valley needs a new football coach. If they win two games, theyíre going to be lucky.