Senior groupsFor those considering a senior organization, do not join AARP. This group supports liberal agendas, not the seniors it proposes to represent. Look at how it supported Obamaís health care overhaul from the start. Obamacare hurts seniors. There are other senior groups out there that are available. Some of the best are the following: AMAC, 60 Plus and American Seniors.

BrainwashedThis is in response to the Mitt Romney/Bane Capital comment. I can see the Democrat propaganda machine has done its job. You are completely brainwashed and are unable to make any logical decisions on your own. This is the goal of the Democrat Party. They have succeeded in putting enough fear in you that you wonít do what is right for the country. I can only hope and pray that others will not succumb to the same fear and will do the right thing this November.

Wrong impressionAn article talked about the starkest differences between Obama and Romney Ė taxes, debt, deficits, abortion, birth control and same sex marriages. Every category is either false or incomplete so as to leave the reader with the wrong impression. Although an AP piece, shame on yíall for shoddy screening.

ClearanceAt SRS, documented clearance for access to worldly significant facilities is crucial. SRS management must possess and personally maintain the required authorizations, training and medical requirements for entry into the facilities they manage. Their subordinates must maintain those same qualifications or risk employment termination. Additionally, new or non-cleared employees should meet those clearance requirements before they are assigned to a facility. It can take years to complete all of the investigations and clearance requirements, but the process has a divine purpose.

ProblemsYou people donít just get it, do you? You should know you canít fix the problem in four years. Look how long it took President Roosevelt to get this country out from under the Depression, and this is almost a depression. You just keep on, talking about what Obama did and didnít do. He did the best he could. He had to try the stimulus plan. Look at the people in South Carolina. Our governor isnít doing anything to get the state out of a mess. What sheís doing is going all over the country following Mitt Romney instead of doing her job here. Things have gotten out of hand. This is not the first time weíve been in a recession and itís not the last.