YouTube is a great community-driven resource –- not just a place to watch dogs and cats show off their many talents. You can find customer reviews, tutorials, educational videos and artistic music videos. I couldn’t reassemble a complicated vacuum cleaner one day, and after an hour of searcing online a Youtube video gave me the right solution. So the next time you venture to Youtube, remember these 10 tricks for a better browsing experience.

1. The SeekbarThe bar that shows you the progression of the video is called the seekbar. When you roll your mouse over it, it enlarges and becomes “active.” Certain keyboard shortcuts work when the seekbar is active.

2. Skip 10, 20, 30 percentPressing the number 1 will make the video jump to the 10 percent mark of the stream. 2 will jump to 20 percent, and so on. Alternatively, press the left and right arrows to jump through the video by 5 seconds at a time.

4. Pause/PlayThe space bar will pause and play the video, but only while the seekbar is active. Otherwise the space bar will perform its normal action which is to scroll down a page in the browser.

5. Keep it PureView or send a Youtube video to someone without the advertisements, share features and comments. First, grab the link to the video on Youtube, and visit to submit the link to view the pure layout.

6. PlaylistsMake a playlist of your favorite songs. You’ll be able to stream your favorite videos, with an occasional commercial in between, and can use it as a background playlist and know you’ll only hear the songs you love.

7. LeanbackVisit to view Youtube in a digital TV service layout, similar to Hulu and Netflix.

8. View XL on big screensVisit on large screens to see a larger version of the video.

9. PlaylistsSign in to Youtube and manage your own channel to have multiple playlists. 10. Play “Snake” while waiting

This is one of Google’s many “Easter Eggs,” and if you haven’t heard that expression before, I highly recommend Googling it to see what else they have hidden for users to find. You can play the game “Snake” by pressing up and left arrow keys simultaneously while the video is paused. You’ll see the snake, which is a string of white dots, and you can use the arrow keys to control the snake.

Stacey Mosier is the web content manager of the Aiken Standard and joined the staff in early 2011. She graduated from USC Aiken with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts.