When Tommy Dunbar died in March, it was a blow to the community. The 51-year-old had been a coach and mentor to so many children throughout the years. The former professional baseball player had the gift of guidance and his accomplishments made him someone so many people looked up to.

Last week, someone vandalized his grave. The vandal stole small statues commemorating his life. They even broke a glass dome over a container holding a baseball signed by teenagers. Thankfully, they left the baseball.

The thief got away with a few trinkets. We wonder if he even considered the pain the desecration would cause his family. Dunbar’s parents took comfort visiting their son’s grave and his mother cared for the small statues. “Whoever took this, I hope they have some comfort, because we sure have pain in our hearts,” Tommy’s mother Rosa said.

We hope the thief finds it in his heart to return the items.